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Columbia's Board of Health is collecting public comment before they begin drafting a new animal control ordinance that will address the overpopulation of unwanted pets. The deadline for comments is May 14, 2009.

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Why are there Feral Cats?

In today's world, Feral Cats exist because of irresponsible pet ownership.

People allow their unaltered cats to roam the streets, reproduce, and take no responsibility for the resulting offspring. Companion animal abandonment is the other major reason. People assume their cats will survive on their own when they move away. Such assumptions kill millions of homeless cats, which die on the streets or at animal shelters each year. Those that survive become the root stock for feral populations. This is not really a "cat" problem, but rather a people problem: individuals' lack of respect for their companion cats and for their neighbors.

Why we have Feral Cats?

  1. People don't spay or neuter their pet cats.
  2. People allow unaltered pet cats to roam.
  3. People abandon their pet cats.

We have feral cats because of irresponsible pet owners. It's not a cat problem. It's a people problem.