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SNAP is a group of volunteers pawprintIconwho provide humane TNR solutions to feral cat colonies in our community. We help support colony caretakers and work with Columbia Second Chance to find homes for socialized cats and kittens. » Read more

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Columbia's Board of Health is collecting public comment before they begin drafting a new animal control ordinance that will address the overpopulation of unwanted pets. The deadline for comments is May 14, 2009.
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Christina McCullen and her husband, David, got more than they bargained for when they went out for dinner at a fast-food joint in October of 2006 » Read more

The ticketing of a Columbia woman has sparked a heated discussion about animal control in the city » Read more

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TNR Basics

What are Feral Cats?
Why are there Feral Cats?
Why killing Ferals doesn't work.
What's TNR?










So, Think Ya Got What It Takes To Be A Wrangler?

Thinking about joining SNAP's cat wranglers?
Well, we can't promise an experience like the guys here -- except for the scratches, of course.

So what qualities should a cat wrangler have? A cat wrangler should have respect for feral cats. Remember, they have five points of sharpness. We don't have any.

Wranglers can't be minors (under 18 years of age) unless a parent accompanies them. They need patience and cunning. Some ferals are very smart about avoiding traps. Wranglers have to be smarter.

Newbies often quit because it's hard to see ferals as something other than pets; and ferals want nothing to do with people (well, they'll take the food). While many ferals become attached to their caretakers, this kind of relationship can take years to develop. So gentle persistance is another good quality to have.

The bottom line is do you want to help ferals? If so, give us a holler. We'll get back to you.