What should you say?

First of all, speak from your heart. Let them know you care about feral cats.

Remind the callee that Columbia likes to think of itself as "progressive." Well, that should include how we treat the animals in our care. And feral cats are very much in the city's care.

We need to educate the public. And that starts with educating the local media.The people who cover the news are perfectly positioned to help spearhead a community effort to protect all our animals.

Be sure to point out the following:

1. Feral cats are not pets. Nor are they wildlife. As such, under the laws we now have, they have absolutely no legal protections. And neither do their caretakers.

2. TNR is the only humane and proven method for managing feral colonies. Killing them doesn't solve anything. The ferals that escape (and some always do) quickly repopulate the area. All that killing does is eat away at our humanity.

3. Communities all over the country are supporting the TNR solutuion. It's proven, it's effective and it's humane. And it's time Columbia caught up with the times.

Print Media -- email, write let them know what you think