SNAP, which helps caretakers of feral or wild cats, has been faced with a disturbing problem. One of our caretakers was cited by Animal Control for having more than the 4 pets allowed in Columbia because she was feeding and fixing feral cats in her area. SNAP SEEKS AN AMENDMENT TO THE PET LIMIT ORDINANCE THAT EXEMPTS CARETAKERS OF MANAGED COLONIES OF FERAL CATS.

It only takes a moment to help:

Email, phone, fax, meet with the mayor, your ward representative and county commisioner. Be polite, but be sure they understand how how you feel.

What we have now:

Feral Friendly Ordinances:

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1. Let the Board of Health know what you think: Email, Phone, Fax, Meet

The Dept. of Health's director is Stephanie Browning:

2. Let the mayor and your city council member know what you think: Email, Phone, Fax, Meet

3. Let your county commissioner know what you think.