Feral Friendly Ordinances:

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What makes an ordinance feral friendly?

Currently, Columbia's Animal Control ordinances do not specifically address the issue of managed feral cat colonies. A caretaker looks after these colonies by not only feeding them, but making sure they are spayed, neutered, and vaccinated against rabies. We need to change Columbia's ordinances to protect these cats and their caretakers:

    1. exempt feral colonies and caretakers from the pet limit ordinance
    2. exempt feral cat caretakers from ordinances that apply to pet owners, such as licensing requirements.
    3. exempt caretakers from ordinances against leaving food outside or stray nuisance laws.
    4. immunize veterinarians and caretakers who work with feral cats from criminal or civil liability
    5. protect the cats in a managed colony from being trapped or taken by anyone other than the caretaker associated with a TNR group.