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SNAP is a group of volunteers pawprintIconwho provide humane TNR solutions to feral cat colonies in our community. We help support colony caretakers and work with Columbia Second Chance to find homes for socialized cats and kittens. » Read more

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Wanna be a Cat WranglerpawprintIcon? Do you dream of joining the exciting and unprofitable world of cat wrangling? Does the idea of setting live traps and dealing with pissed-off wild cats appeal to you? Would you enjoy the raucous comraderie of other wranglers? » Read more

7/5/11 Public Forum!

pawprintIconOn July 5th, Columbia's City Council will discuss and possibly vote on new rules for feral cat colonies. Join the public discussion about how these rules will impact our community, feral cats and those who care for them. Show your support -- wear green!

Call To Action!

Please help us let city and county officials know just how important it is to include feral-friendly language in our new animal control ordinances.
There are some in our community who would rather see ferals killed on sight rather than make it possible for caring citizens to humanely manage our feral colonies. If you support TNR, it's time to speak up!
» Read about feral-friendly ordinances.
» Take Action to help make Columbia's new ordinance feral friendly.


KOMU: A local grassroots organization, "SNAP", held a public forum Tuesday night at the Columbia Public Library to discuss the feral cat ordinance on next week's city council agenda. » Read more

Missourian: Christina McCullen and her husband, Atish Sen, have been volunteering for the SNAP program for more than three and a half years by caring for four colonies of feral cats that live in Columbia. VIDEO » Read more

Missourian: Columbia group aims to control, care for feral cats » Read more

Maneater: The ticketing of a Columbia woman has sparked a heated discussion about animal control in the city » Read more

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TNR Basics

What are Feral Cats?
Why are there Feral Cats?
Why killing Ferals doesn't work.
What's TNR?

Here's the proposed ordinance (PDF). The part that affects feral cats and caretakers is on pages 16-18. How can we improve it? What are its pitfalls? Read this letter from Nancy Peterson to Columbia's City Council. Nancy is with the Humane Society of the United States. She points out several problems with this proposed ordinance that will make TNR in Columbia much more difficult and expensive than it needs to be. We can do better!

SNAP Monthly Meetings - JOIN US!

Kathy Coble Defense Fund

As you know, SNAP is a local group that helps people who are caring for feral cats. We offer access to low-cost spays, neuters and rabies vaccinations, plus education, support and equipment for doing Trap-Neuter-Return. Now we need to help one of our caretakers, Kathy Coble scr888, who is under fire from the city for taking care of a feral colony.

SNAP has started collecting donations to help with Kathy Coble's legal expenses. If anyone would like to donate, they can send their donation to:

SNAP-Kathy Coble Defense Fund
PO Box 10186
Columbia, 65205

We also always need donations to help pay for our vet bills! We also offer advice on how to live with the cats in your neighborhood. A national group, Alley Cat Allies, publishes a great brochure, "How to Live with Cats in Your Neighborhood". If anyone would like to donate to a fund to help pay for devices such as motion detector sprinklers, we would be happy to distribute those as well.